First off, what is Indigenization?

At we believe Indigenization means going above and beyond cultural sensitivity and understanding. We look for ways to meaningfully and appropriately incorporate local Indigenous perspectives and practices into your everyday business.

Why Indigenize?

Put simply, we, as Canadians, are all treaty people and therefore have a responsibility to hold up our treaty rights and obligations, whether we are Indigenous, or non-Indigenous. 

To give some context: Canada was formed through the cooperation and recognition of a dual autonomy where two nations (Indigenous peoples and non-Indigenous settler societies) were willing to cooperate and co-exist respectfully. Many of the original intentions of a shared society, both socially and politically have been undermined with the colonial intent. The historical context and challenging past has complicated the relationship between Indigenous peoples of Canada and settler society.

Today, many organizations, businesses and institutions are working to recognize that shared history and reconcile many of the wrong doings through respectful partnership and increased collaboration with Indigenous peoples.

In choosing, you will receive high quality support from Indigenous professionals on how to successfully position your organization as treaty people and learn how to be a respectful ally to the Indigenous community whose territory you work within.

Miigwech (thank you) and we look forward to speaking with you!